Privacy Policy

Payment must be made in advance in the following cases:
1. If your wedding will be at yacht or island in order to reserve it for you at the date specified for your wedding.
2. If you have a group of guests in order to reserve a private car for transportation at the date specified for your wedding.
3. If your wedding will be held on the island you tell us - in advance - the total number of guests to complete the booking of entry tickets and renting the place where your wedding will be held.
4. If you have made a reservation with our agent / manager in your country.
5. If you are requesting to make a video from us.
6. If you request a special decorations colors.
7. If your hotel location is far from Hurghada.
8. In case of contract completion, a percentage of the total contract cost will be paid as a prove for seriousness of the reservation.
9. The price not included the value added tax.
We draw your attention to the following important information:
  • The price of the wedding doesn't include airline tickets or hotel accommodation.
  • If you wish to use special colors for your wedding decoration, please notify us at least 30 days in advance. This requires a prepayment of the total price.
  • Copyright: Photography or video through our company, this means that you agree to add your photos on websites and social networks. If you don't want, please discuss the conditions with us for taking your photos or videos in advance and the price will be slightly higher and will be added to the offer price during booking.
  • We retain your original photos for 15 days.
  • After the wedding, a video will be recorded for you for a maximum one minute expressing your opinion about our company organizing your ceremony. Watch now
  • Party programs and photo sessions are different from each other in order to suit the customs and traditions of each nationality we deal with to provide the appropriate service to them at the lowest price and the highest quality.
  • For any unforeseen reasons, we may change the venue or the date of the wedding photo session and you will be notified at least one day in advance.
  • If you have any ideas you want to share with us, please feel free to contact us as we always strive to make your wishes come true.

    We wish you a happy stay!

  • Representatives for UK:
  • Mobile & Viber & WhatsApp: +44 7540 886 236
  • Mobile & Viber & WhatsApp: +7 912 688 91 27
  • Representative for Germany:
  • Mobile & Viber & WhatsApp: +20 115 757 2818
  • Representatives for Russia:
  • Mobile & Viber & WhatsApp: +375 33 300 98 58
  • Representatives for The Baltic states:
  • Mobile & Viber & WhatsApp: +370 646 38176
  • ¤ Please feel free to contact us! info@egyptwed.com
    Mobile & Viber & WhatsApp: +20 115 757 2818
    Mobile & Viber & WhatsApp: +20 106 334 5154

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