Sea of Hearts

It is a fabulous and vibrant mini wedding for lovers. A wedding car will wait for you in front of your hotel to take you to your mini wedding venue. Where our team work on the beach finished the decorated arch with flowers on a heart shape and also a decorated table with suitable decoration for the surrounding atmosphere of your party (As shown in pictures). Your mini wedding will be held with some romantic celebrations. As you and your bride will wear two star wristbands in as a symbol of your wedding. Then poured the colored sand into a decorated bottle as a symbol of eternal engagement together. You and your bride will wear the golden wedding rings. The groom opens a bottle of Egyptian cold champagne (A gift from our company to the newlyweds) to celebrate your happy day and have two glasses of it. Then we will give you a card of decorative cardboard paper to write your wishes and dreams of your future life . You will tether these cards to 5 balloons filled with helium gas and release them into the sky to rise and fly in front of you and this symbolizes the eternal life happy and thus the whole universe witness to your legendary marriage. All of these events take place in Sahl Hasheesh resort (For more details about Sahl Hasheesh Click Here).
After that, our professional photographer will take some photos to you on area of The Piazzas, which is characterized by the magnificent oriental architecture. Close to it, you will find the bridge leading to the marina of Sahl Hasheesh resort where an attractive yachts for the residents of the resort.
That is not the end of your ceremony, after that, you will move to the atmosphere of the ancient Pharaonic inside the resort. There are a number of Pharaonic columns that similar to that one in the Temple of Karnak in Luxor and several Pharaonic obelisks and statues of Pharaonic guards lined on both sides that makes you feel that you moved on the time machine to the ancient Pharaonic era.
This tour will take about one hour with our professional photographer to capture all these wonderful moments from the starting of the party to its end. Those beautiful photos are the memory that you will keep with you forever.
The whole ceremony takes about 3 hours. However, the photo session takes for about 2 hours divided into several locations such as the wedding arch decorated with flowers on a heart shape, downtown, Piazzas, Marina and Pharaonic area.

Mini wedding program (Sea of Hearts):

  • Meeting with the program coordinator upon arrival either at our office or at your hotel.
  • Providing an Egyptian SIM card to communicate with us through it.
  • Transportation in Hurghada (From Hotel-Photo Session’s location-Hotel) by air-conditioned car.
  • Entrance fee for two persons accompanied by our photographer and renting photography location on the sea for the mini wedding ceremony.
  • Beach Decorations:
    1. Wedding arch decorated with high-quality artificial flowers on a heart shape (You can choose the shape and color of your favorite arch by using the code. Watch now).
    2. A decorated table on the beach with suitable decoration for the surrounding atmosphere of your party and high-quality artificial flowers.
    3. A corridor in front of the arch and other decorations.
  • A bottle of Egyptian cold champagne (A gift from our company for the newlyweds).
  • Wearing the gold rings.
  • You and your bride will wear two star wristbands.
  • Pour the colored sand inside the ornate bottle.
  • Cardboard paper for the groom to write your wishes and dreams of your future life together.
  • Five balloons filled with helium gas to release them into the sky as a symbol of happy eternal life together.
  • Water and soft drinks will be available on the beach.
  • A professional photographer will record every moment with charming photos.

The best images (About 100 photos) will be optimized by using the latest photo editing software.
For your privacy, your wedding photos will be uploaded in a private page (Unpublished) and only you will have the authority to download these photos.

In addition, you will get all photos online.

The price of the mini-wedding for two people (The groom & the bride) for Hurghada hotels is:

  • Sahl Hashesh Resort ⇒ 750$.
  • Sharm El Naga Resort ⇒ 650$.
  • Hor Palace Resort ⇒ 550$.

You can change the location of your mini wedding and choosing your suitable place From Here. The price might be changed a little bit according to the new location you choose.

If you have any ideas you want to share with us, please don't hesitate to contact us as we always strive to make your wishes come true.

Party Surprise: There will be enjoyable surprise will be announced to you at the ceremony.

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Mini Wedding


Mini Wedding


Additional services with fees:

  • You can order a bouquet of natural roses for the bride and a rose for buttonhole of the groom suit's jacket. Watch now
  • You can order a romantic buffet will be prepared especially for you inside the seawater. Watch now
  • You can request a wedding certificate (Unofficial) to keep it as a memory to celebrate your wedding.
  • You can invite guests to your wedding with small additional fees per person to cover their transportation, beach entrance, chairs, soft drinks and water on the beach etc. However, you must notify us with the number of guests in advance during the booking.
  • For newlyweds or guests of Makadi Hotels, Safaga, Soma Bay, Sahl Hasheesh, El Gouna and Al Ahyaa, there is a small extra cost must be paid due to the far distance from Hurghada city.
  • We can help you to book a private villa directly on the sea in many places in the Red Sea Governorate (Sahl Hasheesh or El Gouna or others) to celebrate with your wedding on it and also spend the finest Honey Moon. Watch now
  • We use high quality artificial flowers for decoration (As shown in photos). However, if you want to use natural flowers for decorations you should notify us during booking just to calculate the cost and add them to the total price.
  • You can order special accessories and decorations to take your photos.
  • You can order hairdresser, make-up, etc... Watch now
  • You can order a cabriolet or limousine. Watch now
  • You can request to hire a DJ to celebrate your wedding ceremony. We deal with Sowelu DJ. She is a famous Italian DJ, She has also a clear and soft voice so she can make a live songs (To know about DJ you can see her CV From Here).
  • You can order oriental or classical live music (Saxophone, violin, guitar, etc.) Watch now and also oriental dancer Watch now or skirt show. Watch now
  • You can request a special video clip for your wedding, but you must notify us in advance only during booking to add a cost to the total price of the package. Watch now
  • You can order photo session with horses. Watch now
  • You can order to get a catering and a wedding tart with different sizes for you and your guests. In addition, you can order to get snacks. Watch now
  • You can request tours everywhere throughout Egypt during your stay in the country.
  • You can order a yacht for a picnic, fishing or for your wedding. Watch now
  • You can order wedding clothes for the newlyweds, Pharaohs or Snow White.
  • You can order the romantic dinner at one of the best seafood restaurants in Hurghada (Different types of salads, rice, lobster, shrimp, squid, crab and seafood soup) or as you wish. but you must notify us in advance only during booking to calculate the cost and add them to the total price of our offer.


¤ We can decorate any location (Wedding hall or restaurant or your home) you will choose to hold your party whether it be a wedding or an engagement. Watch now

¤ The price of mini wedding program doesn't include airline tickets or hotel accommodation.

¤ In case of contract completion, a percentage of the total contract cost will be paid as a prove for seriousness of the reservation.

¤ Through the code number, you can choose the shape and color of your favorite arch. Watch now

¤ We have various locations in Hurghada, for organize the weddings and wedding photography sessions. Watch now

¤ It is possible to make changes in the program as your wishes.

¤ If you wish to use special colors for your wedding decoration, please notify us at least 30 days in advance. This requires a prepayment of the total price.

¤ If you want to have a low cost mini wedding ceremony, you should visit the web page of The Wedding Photo Session. Watch now.

¤ We will offer you cold Egyptian champagne (A gift from our company for the newlyweds). If you wish otherwise, you can bring your own bottle with you.

¤ The newlyweds or guests are allowed to bring alcohol with them to enjoy during the ceremony. But we must be notified in advance during booking. In case of refusal to enter alcohol, the management of the beach taking responsibility. But you can buy drinks from the bar.

¤ Copyright: Photography or video through our company, this means that you agree to add your photos on websites and social networks. If you don't want, please discuss the conditions with us for taking your photos or videos in advance and the price will be slightly higher and will be added to the offer price during booking.

¤ We retain your original photos for 15 days.

¤ After the wedding, a video will be recorded for a maximum of one minute expressing your opinion about our company organizing your ceremony. Watch now

¤ Party programs and photo sessions are different from each other in order to suit the customs and traditions of each nationality we deal with to provide the appropriate service to them at the lowest price and the highest quality.

¤ For any unforeseen reasons, we may change the venue or the date of the wedding photo session and you will be notified at least one day in advance.

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