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Wedding packages


Wedding packages


Grand Marine:

  • Is a wonderful magical journey and an integrated wedding in Egypt which is the best alternative to the classical celebration in a restaurant. The turquoise sea waves, yellow island sand and a great yacht, All this will make your wedding as a truly romantic fairy tale.
  • An air-conditioned car will transport you from your hotel to marina. A decorated yacht with flowers and appropriate marine decoration for your ceremony will waiting for you. Upon your arrival the yacht will depart from marina for about 30 minutes in beautiful seawater. Meanwhile a light breakfast with hot drinks will presented to you. Then The yacht is anchored in a quiet and romantic location near the island. Our professional photographer will be with you all the day to take some beautiful pictures on the yacht and island.
  • The wedding begins in a funny and romantic atmosphere that creates a pleasant mood. With accompanying music, the wedding planner will invite you to the second floor of the yacht, where you will find a decorated arch and table with marine decoration suitable for the surrounding atmosphere.
  • You and your bride will wear two star wristbands in as a symbol of your wedding. Then poured the colored sand into a decorated bottle as a symbol of eternal engagement together. The wedding planner will give a very impressive speech that your hearts will be affected by. The wedding planner will give the groom a piece of cardboard paper to make a paper boat - by himself - on which both of you will write your wishes and dreams. Then you and your bride will swear the oaths of love and devotion, which will give a romantic impression and make your hearts warm. You and your bride will wear the golden wedding rings and will sign the wedding certificate (Not official) to keep it as a souvenir. Then the wedding planner will announce your marriage. The groom opens a bottle of Egyptian cold champagne (A gift from our company to the newlyweds) to celebrate your happy day and have two glasses of it. Then you and your bride will dance together the first dance in your new life on a romantic music.
  • After that, you will take a small boat to the island accompanied by our photographer to spend about an hour to take some romantic photos on its beach. You will take the paper boat that the groom has already made to put it- together - in the island's water to begin to sail. That mean a new start of your dreams for the new family life together.
  • After that you will go back to the yacht again to find the waiter has prepared your lunch (Check wedding ceremony program⇓). Then you will enjoy the belly dancing show Watch now followed by the skirt show Watch now (You and your guests can share the dance if you wish).
  • According to the prevailing custom, the man is the one must protect his family and preserve it. He should always be ready for surprises such as the pirates will infiltrate to the yacht in order to try to kidnap your bride. So you should protect her as well as everyone on the ship, whether guests or crew. All of this will happen in a funny and exciting atmosphere that you will never forget, especially that our professional photographer will capture those exciting moments with beautiful photos. Finally, the waiters will present the wedding tart with fresh Egyptian season fruit as well as drinks and juices..
The Photos are taken for about 4 hours on the yacht and the island, but the entire trip will take about 7 hours.

Grand Marine Wedding Program:

  • Meeting with the program coordinator upon arrival either at our office or at your hotel.
  • Transfer for bride and groom from/to hotel to marina by air-conditioned car.
  • Renting the yacht in order to make the marine trip (Including captain and boat crew).
  • Dining table:
    1. Breakfast: snacks and hot drinks.
    2. Lunch: (Three different types of salads, rice, pasta, kofta, fish (Fillet), shrimp, calamari and potatoes).We can make any changes in the lunch so as to satisfy your desires.
  • A waiter to organize and present your breakfast and lunch.
  • A bouquet for the bride and boutonniere for the groom (Seasonal flowers). Watch now
  • The yacht decoration:
    1. Wedding arch decorated with high-quality artificial flowers (You can choose the shape and color of your favorite arch by using the code. Watch now).
    2. A decorated table (One) on the top floor of the yacht. The decor of the yacht salon is a collection of marine decorations and artificial flowers of high quality.
  • A bottle of Egyptian cold champagne (A gift from our company for the newlyweds).
  • Wedding planner.
  • Wearing the gold rings.
  • Sea star wrist bands for bride and groom for the ceremony.
  • Pour the colored sand inside the ornate bottle.
  • Reading the papers of oaths of love and devotion.
  • Signing the wedding certificate (As a souvenir, not official).
  • Dancing on a romantic music (You can choose your favorite music but you must notify us in advance only during booking and send it to us via email).
  • During the concert (Audio), you can request to host any number of artists to play live music but for a fee. Watch now
  • Cardboard paper for the groom to make a paper boat by himself.
  • Pirates (Artist) to make a bride kidnapping show (Optional).
  • The belly dancing show and the skirt show (Optional).
  • Seasonal fruits, water, hot drinks, soft drinks and juices will be available on the yacht.
  • A professional photographer will record every moment with charming photos.
  • One-stop snorkeling is allowed while returning from the island.

The best images (About 200 photos) will be optimized by using the latest photo editing software.

For your privacy, your wedding photos will be uploaded in a private page (Unpublished) and only you will have the authority to download these photos.

In addition, you will get all photos online.

For the price of wedding for two people (The groom & Bride) in Sharm El Naga Resort, Sahl Hasheesh Resort, Hor Palace Resort please contact our representatives ⇓ or fill ⇒  The application form.

If you have any ideas you want to share with us, please don't hesitate to contact us as we always strive to make your wishes come true.

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It is possible to modify the wedding ceremony program to be on the beach of Paradise Island and not on the top floor of the yacht. We will discuss with you everything related to that change by emails between us. In this case the price of the wedding ceremony for two people (The groom & the bride) for Hurghada hotels will be different as there will be additional fee for (venue on the island and additional decor needed).

  • Representatives for UK:
  • Mobile & Viber & WhatsApp: +44 7540 886 236
  • Mobile & Viber & WhatsApp: +7 912 688 91 27
  • Representative for Germany:
  • Mobile & Viber & WhatsApp: +20 115 757 2818
  • Representatives for Russia:
  • Mobile & Viber & WhatsApp: +375 33 300 98 58
  • Representatives for The Baltic states:
  • Mobile & Viber & WhatsApp: +370 646 38176

  • ¤ Please feel free to contact us! info@egyptwed.com
    Mobile & Viber & WhatsApp: +20 115 757 2818
    Mobile & Viber & WhatsApp: +20 106 334 5154


    • You can invite guests to your wedding with small additional fees per person to cover their transportation, Breakfast, lunch, seasonal fresh fruit, hot drinks, soft drinks, juices, water on the yacht etc. upon request However, you must notify us with the number of guests in advance during the booking.
    • For newlyweds or guests that will be in Makadi Hotels, Safaga, Soma Bay, Sahl Hasheesh, El Gouna and Al Ahyaa, there is a small extra cost must be paid due to the far distance from Hurghada city.
    • You can request a special video clip for your photo session, but you must notify us in advance only during booking to add a cost to the total price of the package. Watch now
    • We can help you to book a private villa directly on the sea in many places in the Red Sea Governorate (Sahl Hasheesh or El Gouna or others) to celebrate with your wedding on it and also spend the finest Honey Moon. Watch now
    • We can decorate any location (wedding hall or restaurant or your home) you will choose to hold your party whether it be a wedding or an engagement. Watch now
    • We use high quality artificial flowers for decoration (As shown in photos). However, if you want to use natural flowers for decorations you should notify us during booking just to calculate the cost and add them to the total price.
    • Through the code number you can choose the shape and color of your favorite arch. Watch now
    • We have various locations in Hurghada, for organize the weddings and wedding photography sessions. Watch now
    • It is possible to make changes to the program as your wishes.
    • A percentage of the total price of the ceremony will be paid in advance in order to complete the booking of the yacht, purchase and preparation of the foods and ceremony tart …etc.
    • If you want to have a low cost wedding ceremony, you should visit the web page of The Wedding Pearl Island. Watch now. Or visit the web page of The Mini Wedding Island Paradise. Watch now . Or visit the web page of The Wedding Photo Session. Watch now
    • We will offer you cold Egyptian champagne (a gift from our company for the newlyweds). If you wish otherwise, you can bring your own bottle with you.
    • Newlyweds or guests are allowed to bring alcohol with them to enjoy it only on the yacht, but alcohol is not permitted on the island. If you wish, you can buy alcohol on the island from the bar.
    • You can order the romantic dinner at one of the best seafood restaurants in Hurghada (Different types of salads, rice, lobster, shrimp, squid, crab and seafood soup) or as you wish. but you must notify us in advance only during booking to calculate the cost and add them to the total price of our offer.
    • You can order to get a catering and a wedding tart with different sizes for you and your guests. In addition, you can order to get snacks. Watch now
    • You can order special accessories and decorations to take your photos.
    • You can request tours everywhere throughout Egypt during your stay in the country.
    • You can order wedding clothes for the newlyweds, Pharaohs or Snow White.
    • Please check our ⇒ Privacy Policy.

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