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The Bedouin Wedding:

  • The Egyptian desert is characterized by its mysterious beauty and its unique nature, where the golden sand and palm trees embraced by the mountains. The strange thing is that The palm under this cruel weather give dates with different colors and good taste. The high mountains with beautiful natural colors are a mysterious story of which all those visiting the desert find it amazing for its multicolored and forms, such as red, light green, yellow and black degrees. Beside the golden sun perpendicular on mountains which gives it more elegant and beauty. Also the moment of sunset is very creative. Finally we can describe those scenes as the god creativity in the universe. You are a lucky person because you will be surrounded by all these landscapes during your wedding.
  • The Bedouins who live and adapt in those difficult life conditions, you will find them with happy faces and smiling which makes you wonder about the secret of this happiness and satisfaction with that hard life. But the answer is very easy they live away from all the noise and pollution suffered by urban residents. When you get to the Bedouin living areas, you will be sure that you will feel at home not a guest.
  • A powerful car will be waiting for you in front of your hotel and it will take you deep into the desert. The wedding arch will be pre-fixed between the sand and the mountains. The wedding planner will welcome you and invite you to go to the bamboo decorated arch with flowers and also a decorated table with suitable decoration for the surrounding atmosphere of your party (As shown in pictures). All of this will be done with romantic music.
  • The wedding ceremony will began, as you and your bride will poured the colored sand into a decorated bottle as a symbol of eternal engagement together. The wedding planner will give a very impressive speech that your hearts will be affected by. Then you and your bride will swear the oaths of love and devotion, which will give a romantic impression and make your hearts warm. You and your bride will wear the golden wedding rings and will sign the wedding certificate (Not official) to keep it as a souvenir. Then the wedding planner will announce your marriage. The groom opens a bottle of Egyptian cold champagne (A gift from our company to the newlyweds) to celebrate your happy day and have two glasses of it. Then you and your bride will dance together on a romantic music.
  • Then you will enjoy inside a Bedouin cottage and you will try the desert wedding rituals, songs and Bedouin dances. You will take a tour with our professional photographer for about two hours. He will capture all these wonderful moments from the starting to the end of the ceremony. Those beautiful photos are the witness of your wedding in Egypt that you will keep with you forever.
The entire ceremony is about 3 hours but the photo session will take about 2 hours divided into stages, near the wedding bamboo arch decorated with beautiful decoration sand inside the cottage with Bedouin.

The Bedouin wedding program:

  • Meeting with the program coordinator upon arrival either at our office or at your hotel.
  • Transfer to/from the place of ceremony for bride and groom (only for hotels in Hurghada) by air-conditioned car.
  • Renting a location in desert to make the wedding ceremony and photo session.
  • A bouquet for the bride and boutonniere for the groom (Seasonal flowers). Watch now
  • Desert Decorations:
    1. A decorated Bamboo arch with high-quality artificial flowers (You can choose the shape and color of your favorite arch by using the code. Watch now).
    2. A decorated table on the beach with party decoration.
    3. A corridor in front of the arch and other decorations.
  • A bottle of Egyptian cold champagne (A gift from our company for the newlyweds).
  • Wedding planner.
  • Wearing the gold rings.
  • Pour the colored sand inside the ornate bottle.
  • Reading the papers of oaths of love and devotion.
  • Signing the wedding certificate (As a souvenir, not official).
  • Dancing on a romantic music (You can choose your favorite music but you must notify us in advance only during booking and send it to us via email).
  • During the concert (Audio), you can request to host any number of artists to play live music but for a fee. Watch now
  • Celebration with the Bedouins by offering congratulations and presenting their own show of traditional songs and dance.
  • Photo session inside a Bedouin cottage and with planting a rose in desert.
  • Water and soft drinks will be available on the desert.
  • A professional photographer will record every moment with charming photos.

The best images (About 150 photos) will be optimized by using the latest photo editing software.
For your privacy, your wedding photos will be uploaded in a private page (Unpublished) and only you will have the authority to download these photos.

In addition, you will get all photos online.

For the price of wedding for two people (The groom & Bride) please contact our representatives ⇓ or fill ⇒  The application form.

You can change the location of your wedding and choosing your suitable place From Here. The price might be changed a little bit according to the new location you choose.

If you have any ideas you want to share with us, please don't hesitate to contact us as we always strive to make your wishes come true.

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    • You can invite guests to your wedding with small additional fees per person to cover their transportation, beach entrance, chairs, soft drinks and water on the beach etc. However, you must notify us with the number of guests in advance during the booking.
    • For newlyweds or guests that will be in Makadi Hotels, Safaga, Soma Bay, Sahl Hasheesh, El Gouna and Al Ahyaa, there is a small extra cost must be paid due to the far distance from Hurghada city.
    • You can request a special video clip for your photo session, but you must notify us in advance only during booking to add a cost to the total price of the package. Watch now
    • We can help you to book a private villa directly on the sea in many places in the Red Sea Governorate (Sahl Hasheesh or El Gouna or others) to celebrate with your wedding on it and also spend the finest Honey Moon. Watch now
    • We can decorate any location (wedding hall or restaurant or your home) you will choose to hold your party whether it be a wedding or an engagement. Watch now
    • We use high quality artificial flowers for decoration (As shown in photos). However, if you want to use natural flowers for decorations you should notify us during booking just to calculate the cost and add them to the total price.
    • Through the code number you can choose the shape and color of your favorite arch. Watch now
    • We have various locations in Hurghada, for organize the weddings and wedding photography sessions. Watch now
    • It is possible to make changes to the program as your wishes.
    • In case of contract completion, a percentage of the total contract cost will be paid as a prove for seriousness of the reservation.
    • If you want to have a low cost wedding ceremony, you should visit the web page of The Mini Wedding. Watch now . Or visit the web page of The Wedding Photo Session. Watch now
    • We will offer you cold Egyptian champagne (a gift from our company for the newlyweds). If you wish otherwise, you can bring your own bottle with you.
    • The newlyweds or guests are allowed to bring alcohol with them to enjoy during the ceremony. But we must be notified in advance during booking. In case of refusal to enter alcohol, the management of the beach taking responsibility. But you can buy drinks from the bar.
    • You can order the romantic dinner at one of the best seafood restaurants in Hurghada (Different types of salads, rice, lobster, shrimp, squid, crab and seafood soup) or as you wish. but you must notify us in advance only during booking to calculate the cost and add them to the total price of our offer.
    • You can order to get a catering and a wedding tart with different sizes for you and your guests. In addition, you can order to get snacks. Watch now
    • You can order special accessories and decorations to take your photos.
    • You can request tours everywhere throughout Egypt during your stay in the country.
    • You can order wedding clothes for the newlyweds, Pharaohs or Snow White.
    • Please check our ⇒ Privacy Policy.

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